Saturday, March 2, 2013

Norinco MAK 90 conversion (Type 56)

I picked up a stamped Norinco MAK 90 with a thumbhole stock and decided to convert it back to its pre-ban glory.  I lucked out with this rifle as I bought it from the owner of a local gun store and it appears as though it’s never been fired.  There were literally cobwebs on it.
The conversion work was not difficult and consisted of swapping the original thumbhole buttstock and the handguards for a set of U.S. made furniture.   I finished the furniture to match the factory finish.  I also had to purchase the appropriate hardware to go with the furniture.

One of the things I did in order to keep this converted rifle 922r compliant, I swapped the Chicom fire control group for a U.S. made Tapco G2 double hook FCG. 
Here are some photos of the rifle pre and post conversion.  This is process is really quite simple and the results speak for themselves.